2017 Workshop Schedule

  • February/March – Wednesdays
  • Workshop # 480
  • Rehearsals (6:30pm – 9:30pm):
  • 1) February 22
  • 2) March 1
  • 3) March 8
  • 4) March 15
  • 5) Performance: Monday, March 20th
  • 6) DVD Viewing Party: Monday, March 27th
  • Tuition Fee $495
  • May/June – Mondays
  • Workshop # 481
  • Rehearsals (6:30pm – 9:30pm):
  • 1) May 15
  • 2) May 22
  • 3) June 5
  • 4) June 12
  • 5) Performance: Monday, June 19th
  • 6) DVD Viewing Party: Monday, June 26th
  • Tuition Fee $495
  • Nov./Dec. – Thursdays
  • Workshop # 482
  • Rehearsals (6:30pm – 9:30pm):
  • 1) November 9
  • 2) November 16
  • 3) November 30
  • 4) December 7
  • 5) Performance: Thursday, December 14th
  • 6) DVD Viewing Party: Thursday, Dec. 21st
  • Tuition Fee $495

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the fee for each workshop?

Full tuition for each workshop is only $495 and includes 2-hr DVD of the entire performance (a $60 value). Workshop Alumni (returning students) pay the discounted rate of $445. Please Note: Since there is limited space in the workshop and the classes fill up quickly, a non-refundalbe $250 is required to hold your place. The tuition balance is due one week before workshop begins.

How many sessions are there in each workshop?

The workshop consists of six sessions: four 3-hour rehearsals at Studio 353, a gala performance at a well-know NY Club (with a 90 minute pre-show dress rehearsal on stage with technical director for sound check and lighting), a 3-hour DVD Viewing Party to see the show “front row center” with your classmates, celebrate your success together and “see yourself in a new light!”

What if I need more than 4 rehearsals?

The Singing Experience is a complete package and everything is included to make your experience special. It is best if you get to every rehearsal, however, if you miss a session, our director will try to give you more time at the next rehearsal. However, you can always book a private one-hour coaching session with Linda and the music director to work on your material and record the accompaniment in your key. It is not required, but most people want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Why is the live performance a part of the workshop?

Everyone who joins The Singing Experience workshop becomes a member of the cast of a show. We have specially-designed flyers printed to send out to family and friends to invite them to your performance. The important thing is that together we all work towards a goal, of becoming well-rounded confident performers. By putting on a terrific show at a renowned NY Club, you get to use all the skills and techniques learned in class. There is nothing like actually singing to an enthusiastic audience and knowing that the thunderous applause is meant for you. What a thrill to find yourself standing in the spotlight, microphone in hand, singing out with joy, like the “star” that you always knew you were. That is why the workshop culminates in a live performance. As many have said, “the bliss is immediate, the results long-lasting!”

What is the DVD Viewing party and why it is a part of the workshop?

The DVD Viewing Party is an essential part of the workshop experience. The cast is backstage during the performance, so this is a chance to see the show “front row center” in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Each workshop’s live performance is professionally recorded in high-definition video by Jeremy Handelman of Off The Leash Productions. A copy of the DVD is included in the tuition, along with a “diploma” – a special Certificate of Merit personally designed for you. Additional copies of the DVD can be purchased at a nominal fee.

The cast members are supportive of each other and get close. After the show everyone goes their own way, but they know that the workshop is not over! The class is excited to meet again the following week at the DVD Viewing Party with a “potluck dinner” as they get to see themselves in a new light and celebrate their success together! This opportunity reinforces all the life-changing effects of the workshop as each participant learns to be a “star” not only on the stage but in their everyday lives!

Cast members can have their performance posted on The Singing Experience Youtube Channel if they choose.